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Small Town, Big Service

Producer: Meredith Turk

Tim Crytser and Dave Robertson are two veterans who are working to save lives in Watertown, NY. In a small room, in a small town, they work in "the shop,” VETS Peer to Peer Outreach Center. Here veterans serve as peer mentors and make the shop feel like home. They accept anyone who comes through their doors, and let them stay for as long as they like. "We don't let go," they say as one their center's mottos. Their history of no suicides and the testaments of people like Dave and Tim prove this motto. 

  • Aired on Dec. 21, 2016.

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Dave Robertson found life-saving support at the VETS Peer to Peer Outreach Center in Watertown, NY. 

Tim Cryster manages operations at the VET Peer to Peer Outreach Center in Watertown, NY. 

Dave and Tim are joined every day by a team of peer mentors, other veterans who are dedicated to helping other veterans. 

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