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Remembering Self-Determination

Producer: Kelley Libby

In the low-ceilinged basement of a restaurant in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom are two alcoves built deep into the basement’s brick walls. According to local lore, the building that today houses Sweet Tea’s Southern Cuisine once hid enslaved people on their way to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Tour guide and historical activist Free Egunfemi says activists today can find inspiration in Richmond’s historic underground.

  • Aired on Dec. 28, 2016.

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In 2014, Egunfemi founded Untold RVA, an engine of public history and art that brings forth “the missing pieces within Richmond’s historical narrative.”

Untold RVA's tour guide, Free Egunfemi, outside Sweet Tea's Southern Cuisine, a restaurant believed to be a stop on the Underground Railroad. 

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